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Essentials of Ecology 4th ed. paper 480 p. 14

Essentials of Ecology 4th ed. paper 480 p. 14

著者:Begon, Michael/Howarth, Robert W./Townsend, Colin R.

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Essentials of Ecology presents introductory ecology in an accessible, state-of-the-art format designed to cultivate the novice student's understanding of and fascination with the natural world. In a concise, engaging style, this text outlines the essential principles of ecology from the theoretical fundamentals to their practical applications. Full color artwork, simple pedagogical features and a wide range of carefully-chosen examples make this book an ideal introduction to ecology for students at all levels.


出版社: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
出版年月: 2014/09
ISBN-10: 0470909137
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-90913-3
出版国: アメリカ合衆国
装丁: paper/Kt./br.
ページ数: 480 p.
ジャンル: 生態学