Tourism 12th ed. H 512 p. 11

Tourism 12th ed. H 512 p. 11

著者:Goeldner, Charles R./Ritchie, J. R. Brent

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EXPLORE THE DYNAMIC WORLD OF TOURISM Anyone involved in the work or study of the tourism industry is touched by a broad range of issues, including economic, social, environmental, and political. For tourism to thrive, today's industry professionals must integrate basic tourism principles with new applications and developments around these issues. This Twelfth Edition of the best–selling Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies has been revised and updated to explore new trends in travel and tourism, and discusses changes to the industry since the previous edition. New to this Twelfth Edition: Profiles of travel industry leaders such as Roger Dow and Suzanne Cook of the U.S. Travel Association, and Michele McKenzie of the Canadian Tourism Commission. Information on technology, convention centers, arenas, stadium and public facilities management jobs, and internships. Updates on sustainable development and climate change. Expanded treatment of the Internet's role (social media, blogs, and podcasting) in tourism research, marketing, and promotion. Culinary tourism. Reflection on tourism sociology, including new information on GLBT tourism. Developments in passenger transportation, such as train travel as a tourist attraction, new information on airline and cruise industries, and future aircrafts. Substantial revisions to Chapter 20: Tourism's Future, highlighting the impact of digital technology on the tourist of tomorrow, and the arrival of robots as a potential alleviation of the industry's labor shortages. Updates to the Global Insights features, covering dark tourism, tourism forecasts, travel advisories, emerging markets, and changing tastes in travel. Tourism, Twelfth Edition seamlessly blends theory and practice while examining the various components of tourism, their functions, and their significance into a comprehensive and current reference for both students of the industry and tourism professionals.


出版社: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
出版年月: 2011/11
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